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CareJet’s medical transport and medical rescue assistance include globally recognized air ambulance via jet/propeller aircraft or amphibious seaplane, ground ambulance, hospital admission arrangement, and commercial repatriation services. Leveraging on its deep roots in and strong affiliation with international aircraft operations, CareJet Assist’s industry-leading medical evacuation services provide partners and clients preferential access to dedicated aircraft and on-call medical escorts for immediate medical transport and rescue, capable of handling cases even in far-flung and hard-to- reach areas with almost any type of terrain. Medical assistance from anywhere in the world. Our multi-lingual case specialists are available 24/7 for immediate support.

Services include:
• Medical consultation, provider referral, and hospital admission
• Medical oversight of hospitalized patients to ensure the delivery of quality care at the appropriate cost
• Guarantee of payment for cashless medical care at pre-screened facilities
• Third-party administration, including claims processing and adjudication
• Payment audit and analysis, including error and fraud identification
• Assistance with lost luggage, passports, and credit cards
• On-demand emergency travel reservations and more

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Hola! A mark of a true pioneer in the healthcare and aviation industry, CareJet launches an expansion of its Air Ambulance operations in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Dedicated aircraft for medical evacuation, rescue missions, and repatriation along with state-of- the-art critical-care equipment are on-board for any medical and travel emergencies that may arise.

CareJet: Mexico Cultural festivals, colonial cities, and beach resorts draw millions of tourists to Mexico each year. Yet significant healthcare shortages exist nationwide. In 2017, we launched a full-service air ambulance operation based out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to meet the medical transportation needs of local residents and tourists.

CareJet offers:
• Aircraft outfitted with state-of- the-art, critical-care equipment
• Medical providers specialized in emergency medicine and critical care
• Medical Director mission oversight
• Multi-lingual case managers, available 24/7
Get support with medical evacuations, rescue missions, and repatriations.

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CareJet supports small and medium-sized healthcare enterprises with their strategy, finance, operations, and technology needs. We develop and implement initiatives that help you streamline processes, improve profitability, and produce better patient outcomes.

Services include:
• Market research and competitive intelligence
• Product and service portfolio development
• Price benchmarking and analysis
• Financial planning and administration
• Cost analysis and management
• Tools, equipment and drug procurement
• Technology and software-implementation
• Operations and logistics support
• Talent acquisition and training

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